The WASP2* Tactical Contact Microphone is designed to provide No-Access AudioTM, instantly! This versatile, highly sensitive tactical audio tool is equipped for quick deployment.

Simply attach the WASP2 to any door, window, wall or floor using weather resistant tape mounts, reusable suction cups, or the built-in magnet mounts, then plug the cable into any mic-level audio jack. Whisper-level audio is output instantly, ready for real time monitoring and recording by standard devices (e.g. digital audio recorders, laptops, or smartphone).

Because the WASP2 is a highly-sensitive contact microphone, absolutely no hole or air-path into the incident scene is ever needed to pick up the sounds inside. Minute flexure of the surface is detectable. It literally turns the building partition into a microphone. No more hoping there’s a gap under the door. That’s the meaning of No-Access Audio!

SWAT operators, crisis negotiators, and critical incident commanders will appreciate hearing for themselves activities taking place within the incident scene, even when there is no access to the inside or suspects are not cooperating with negotiations (for example, will not accept a throw phone).  

The audio intelligence provided by the WASP2 mic improves situational awareness during quick-hit tactical operations, warrant service, negotiations and whenever officer safety is in question prior to dangerous entry operations. Get an ear on the inside.

Does your team know what they’re heading into?

* WASP2, CrITR, No-Access Audio, Be Aware and the blue swoosh are trademarks of Blueline Sensors LLC, a small, veteran-owned company.


A full range of Tactical Audio Kits is available and reasonably priced. Your small organization can purchase a single WASP2 Tactical Contact Microphone for use with other equipment that you already own. Or, your mid-sized or large department can obtain several, fully-loaded kits - each including multiple microphones, pro-grade digital audio recorders, noise-isolating headphones, rugged extension cable reels and all the accessories needed to hit the ground running.

Perfect Solutions Available for Any Size Organization