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          Acoustical consulting, test, measurement & mitigation of process & tool noise/vibration

          Audio-frequency, ultrasonic, and optical sensor & emitter design/fabrication

          Electro-mechanical product development, prototyping & production

          Design, prototyping and production management of injection molded & machined parts

          Vacuum assisted potting and casting of small parts

          Laser cutting, engraving, marking of plastic, wood and other flat stock organic materials

Requirements capture and systems engineering - as formal or as flexible as needed

Expert, collaborative or independent  turn-key design and project engineering

On or off-site testing and evaluation support for special programs

                             provides fully custom solutions, built to our customers’ exacting specifications in addition to our cutting edge off-the-shelf products. Tell us what you need.

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The K9 remote voice-command collar is now a real product, and our customer is anticipating an initial procurement contract with the US Government.

Special Operations K9

Remote Voice Collar

A principal at Blueline Sensors was discussing progress on an advanced multi-sensor system developed by a growing technology company based in the Northeast, when an opportunity to extend its tactical operations capability emerged from the conversation.

The company’s current system turns a police or military working dog into a force-multiplying multi-sensor platform. But the rapid development pace hadn’t allowed its architects to add a remote canine voice-command capability.

Blueline Sensors got to work! Just ten days later a prototype waterproof, rechargeable stereo-amplified speaker collar was delivered, just in time for demonstrations for the company’s key government customers.

‘Quick-Turn’ Custom Development Examples: