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Tactical Contact Microphone
 Audio awareness through walls, doors, windows and floors for law enforcement tactical teams and crisis negotiators
Blueline Sensors' WASP3 Tactical Contact Microphone is the product of nine years of research and refinement. During that period, WASP microphones have been deployed throughout the United States by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, as well as by units of the U.S. Army. WASP microphones are designed to provide No-Access AudioTM instantly.
This versatile, highly sensitive tactical asset is equipped for quick deployment. Simply attach the WASP to any door, window, wall or floor using weather resistant tape mounts, reusable suction cups, or the built-in magnet mounts. The WASP can detect and amplify even whisper-level sounds from the other side of building partitions, ready for real-time monitoring with our compact monitoring consoles. In addition, monitoring and recordings can be performed using most standard audio devices (e.g. digital audio recorders, laptops, or smartphones).
Through Wall
WASP Audio Through Drywall. Speaker talks and whispers from 8 feet away while on the opposite side of the wall relative to where the WASP mic is mounted.
Because the WASP is a highly-sensitive contact microphone, absolutely no hole or air-path into the incident scene is ever needed to pick up the sounds coming from inside. It literally turns the building partition into a microphone diaphram. No more hoping there’s a gap under the door. That’s the meaning of No-Access AudioTM.
Through Door
WASP Audio Through Hollow-Core Steel Door. Speaker talks and whispers from 8 feet away inside the building with WASP mic mounted on the outside of the door. A nearby cricket outside the door chirps in the background.
SWAT operators, crisis negotiators, and critical incident commanders will appreciate hearing for themselves activities taking place within the incident scene, even when there is no access to the inside or suspects are not cooperating with negotiations (e.g. refusing to accept a throw phone).
The audio intelligence provided by WASP mics improve situational awareness during quick-hit tactical operations, warrant service, negotiations and whenever officer safety is in question prior to dangerous entry operations. Get an ear on the inside.

Does your team know what they’re heading into?
TAMC1 Single-Channel Monitor Also Available
Tactical Audio Monitoring Console
Audio Intelligence for Improved Situation Awareness
Blueline Sensors offers a series of Tactical Audio Monitoring Consoles designed to work with our WASP Tactical Contact Microphones. The TAMC2 provides power to two WASP microphones and outputs the audio either as a monaural (single-mic) or stereo (two-mics) signal available for live monitoring by up to four critical incident team members simultaneously. Each team member can adjust their own listening level with one of the four volume control knobs.
Alternatively, any of the output channels can be connected to a audio recorder (sold separately). The TAMC1 model provides a monitoring capability for a single WASP microphone input. Both models can be operated from batteries, AC-mains or vehicle power for maximum flexibility.
A BluetoothTM wireless monitoring speaker system is also available to permit remote monitoring of the incident scene audio by all members of your team. Fully custom monitoring solutions are also available. Contact us with your unique requirements.
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