With the K9 Talk* Collar-Mount Speaker System you command your working dog off-leash with live-speech!

Mount the low-profile water-resistant speakers to the collar with binding posts, plug the rugged coiled cable into your PTT radio, walkie-talkie or even a smartphone and relay your live speech commands to the K9. There are no recordings, no coded stimulator “shocks” to train for. Just the handler’s own voice commands, heard remotely by the K9.

Standard stereo and mono amplified audio models and fully-custom systems built to your exact specifications, are available.

Blueline Sensors listened to our customer and gave them the system they asked for. Now these super-rugged, water-resistant systems are available for use with your K9 officers and military working dogs.

Start training for more effective off-leash operations with K9 Talk Collar-Mount Speaker Systems. Order yours now!

* WASP2, CrITR, No-Access Audio, Be Aware, K9 Talk, Live-Speech Off-Leash and the blue swoosh are trademarks of Blueline Sensors LLC, a small, veteran-owned company. All other trademarks are the property of their owners.

Blueline Sensors is a full-service manufacturer of standard and custom sensors and systems for law enforcement, military and commercial organizations. If you don’t see what you need, tell us. We can design it and build it for you…fast and done right, the first time.

Perfect Solutions Available On-Demand

Commercial-grade,             reduced cost collar-mount       speaker systems are also available. Ask us for details...

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