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The CrITR 5i case is designed to serve those who do hard work!

It represents an emerging concept in smartphone technology, namely, the smartphone as a flexible workhorse, a modular software

- and hardware - platform. You’ve become accustomed to there being "an app for that". With the introduction of the CrITR 5i there is now a tool for that, too.

The iPhone* 5 is a powerful tool, a virtual Swiss army knife of technology. Isn't it time to extend that power beyond the confines of the device itself and into the world of external hardware? The CrITR 5i system is doing just that with modular 1/4”-20 and #8-32 threaded mounting adapters compatible with a world of off-the-shelf accessories. The outer shell also features three mounts for #6-32 threads, two for #4-40 attachments and a quick-change lens mount in addition to the four integral side mounting rails.

                           The CrITR 5i                 case provides        demanding users with a flexible toolbox that leverages the power of the modern smartphone. CrITR 5i provides highly specialized tools and hardware accessories you need to get your job done.

* iPhone is a registered trademark owned by Apple Inc. and is used referentially and without implied endorsement or acceptance of any kind.