Small, veteran-owned business

Blueline Sensors’ founder and president served on active duty in the US Army as an infantry non-commissioned officer for four years, and an additional four years as a citizen-soldier in the Army National Guard. He has provided technical solutions to the law enforcement and homeland security communities as a contractor and engineer ever since. The company’s designs reflect this combined tactical/technical experience and the demand for highly functional, ruggedly reliable products.

 U.S. design, manufacturing and quality control

Blueline Sensors’ products are engineered, designed, assembled and tested in the US using components and subassemblies made by or purchased from American vendors. Only the finest globally sourced parts are used when necessary and quality control activities are always performed in-house.

Open, first-hand communication with real end-users, like you

Blueline Sensors prides itself on listening to customers’ needs. But we don’t stop there. We act on customers’ feedback, designing new products and making changes to existing ones, providing what you need, how you need it. We gladly produce custom designs and modified off-the-shelf tools for those who demand the best. Contact us and tell us what you want and when you need it. We’ll get it done!

We believe that you will find our products improve operational outcomes by augmenting situational awareness when it is most critical.

Our motto, and our intent for you, is to…

                                  is a veteran-owned, small business established in 2009 with one goal in mind: