The WASP2* Tactical Audio Kits provide No-Access AudioTM, instantly!

All WASP2 Tactical Audio Kits are designed with tactical entry teams, crisis negotiators and technical investigators in mind. Each kit is equipped with between one and four 2nd generation WASP2 Tactical Contact Microphones to listen through doors, walls, windows and floors. Each WASP2 mic is capable of hearing even whisper-level sounds when they are needed the most.

WASP2 Tactical Audio Kits provide instant audio from inside the critical incident scene without requiring a gap under a door, holes in a wall, or a suspect willing to accept a throw phone.

Standard and custom kits contain everything required to hit the ground running and improve your team’s situational awareness when no access to the inside of the scene is available.

Does your team know what they’re heading into?

* WASP2, CrITR, No-Access Audio, Be Aware and the blue swoosh are trademarks of Blueline Sensors LLC, a small, veteran-owned company. All other trademarks are the property of their owners.

A full range of Tactical Audio Kits is available and reasonably priced. Even the smallest organizations can purchase a single WASP2 Tactical Contact Microphone for use with commercial audio equipment they already own.

Perfect Solutions Available for Any Size Organization

Most kit cases available in OD Green, Black and Sand/Tan colors